I am currently teaching MATH 3333: Linear Algebra I.

In the past, I have taught a variety of courses, including the Transitions to proofs course, differential equations, and the entire calculus collection. I received a departmental teaching award in April 2019. 

My teaching philosophy from 2019is available here. The feedback form mentioned in the philosophy is here.

Here are some details about my experience in teaching leadership:

Lead Teaching Assistant for Center of Instructional Mentoring

Terms: Spring 2019, Spring 2018, Spring 2017, Fall 2016

Duties: Observing Graduate Teaching Assistants for ‘Calculus III’ and

’Differential equations’, Providing feedback, One on one mentoring,

Conducting exam reviews for ‘College Algebra’

Lead Teaching Assistant for Mathematics Learning Center

Terms: Spring 2019, Spring 2017, Fall 2016, Spring 2016

Duties: Supervising the Mathematics Learning Center, Observing Undergraduate and Graduate tutors

Teaching Observation


Terms: Fall 2019, Fall 2018, Fall 2017

Duties: Observing Undergraduate Learning Assistants & Graduate Teaching Assistants, Providing feedback

Overall Course Coordinator

Terms: Summer 2017

Duties: Supervising instructors teaching 100-level and 200-level courses, One on one mentoring for a first time Graduate Teaching Assistant, Observations & feedback


Here's a detailed list of the course I have taught:

MTH299: Transitions to Proofs

Fall 2019: Instructor

Fall 2018: Instructor
Summer 2018: Instructor

Spring 2017: Recitation Instructor

MTH235: Differential


Summer 2016: Instructor

Spring 2016: Instructor

MTH234: Calculus III

Summer 2017: Instructor

Fall 2016: Recitation Instructor

MTH133: Calculus II

Spring 2019: Instructor

Fall 2015: Recitation Instructor

Spring 2015: Recitation Instructor

Fall 2014: Recitation Instructor

MTH132: Calculus I

Summer 2019: Instructor

MTH124: Survey of Calculus I

Summer 2015: Instructor